Santiago in Love, summer break 2016!


The sun shines, birds sing and the road is calling me! Summer is here alright, it’s time for a summer break 2016! My to-do list will never be done, I’m just going to toss it out and get some air. My bag is (almost) ready, my shoes and my stick already wait for my by the door… I’m hitting the road and I leave Santiago in Love to summer. You know, like hibernation, but during summer!

I’m slowing down, but the blog doesn’t completely stop… Details here and now!

Summer break 2016


A piece of Way, Le Puy’s

Departure via Podiensis
“Here starts the Via Podiensis the great route of Santigo de Compostela’s Pilgrimage”

This year, I’m back on foot on the Via Podiensis. I had put some plans together, like walking the Stevenson, the Regordane or the Saint-Guilhem routes, with a pinch of the Arles’ and Le Puy’s (backwards). At the end, it proves that walking this one Way is just perfect for this years!

Starting at Le Puy, ending in Figeac. 2 weeks busy engough, coming back with pleasure to walk through landscapes I crossed some 6 years ago… Time just flied! I’m very curious to see what has become of this stretch. Being back on this Way and live it as if it was my first time, this is my goal this year!

As I know the route, I also foresee I’ll have quite a hard time. I’m not (at all) in shape anymore and I (seriously) lack training… Some reshaping that will do me good, although in a nearly-military manner. I just hope I’m not going to collapse by the side of the Way! I count on Saint James to watch over me 🙂

A little bit for this summer break, because I’m going to meet with an old Saint James’s fellow traveler who’s now living close to the Way. To pay a visit to a pilgrim, is there really a better way to stretch the time I’ll actually stay on the Camino? Then I’ll visit family before coming back home… Quite a nice schedule ahead, isn’t it?


WritingA summer break, but not for Santiago in Love!

If I’m leaving, Santiago in Love doesn’t. I’ll take a break but the blog keeps working for me! It won’t have it too hard, as I broke the back of the work for it. I just hope it will do its share! Machine work… should work, shouldn’t it?!

I prepared some nice posts fr you and Santiago will publish them in good time. I hope you’ll enjoy them! These new posts will appear by magic, but I’ll think of you at that time!

I wish you a very good summer and a nice reading!



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