Covid and Camino 2021 - Marion, Santiago in Love CC BY-NC-SA

Covid and Camino 2021: news and rolling updates

All Covid-19 and Camino news of 2021 for Spain, France and Portugal. News and developments about the coronavirus; health measures; impact on the Camino and pilgrims.The most recent information is at the top of the article. Page updated regularly. (Last update: July 29 2021)

Happy Saint James' Day 2021! Marion, Santiago in Love

Happy Saint James’ Day 2021!

In this special holy year, I wish you a happy Saint James’ Day! Dear pilgrims friends,Have a beautiful and happySaint James’ Day! Let’s forget about Covilgrim and his mischiefs today…And wish he leaves us alone as soon as possible! Let’s enjoy this festive dayand keep the Camino on our heart…always! Ultreïa!

Sitting down, another way to go on a pilgrimage

Sitting down to do a pilgrimage, what a weird idea… Well, not so much in truth: mindful sitting and pilgrimage have been twin practices for a long time and for many spiritual traditions!
Pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago know pretty well of the latter, but it’s quite hard to go as often as one would like…
Mindful sitting can become a complementary practice that can help pilgrims to go higher, further… without actually moving an inch.
In this post, let’s talk pilgrimage, mindful sitting and inner journey!

Happy New Year 2021, collage Marion, Santiago in Love CC BY-NC-SA

Happy New Year 2021 !

Happy New Year 2021! As Santiago’s Jubilee year is starting…May this new year be nicer than the last one!May you enjoy time with your loved ones!May you be super healthy!May you go on another Camino (again) !♥ May you keep the Camino alive! ♥ Ultreïa!