Operation “Wisdom on the Way”, first edition


Right now, I walk between Le Puy and Figeac. For the blog, the occasion to summer. For me, the occasion to get some air and clear my head thanks to the best holidays ever: on the Camino! Also the occasion to launch the operation “Wisdom on the Way” for the first time. With quite some improvisation and DIY, but mostly with a lot of heart and a strong wish for reliance.

Where does it come from, where does it happen, what, why, how… everything is told in this article!

Wisdom on the Way


“Wisdom on the Way”, where does it come from?

This operation was born from 2 things. First, from an old wish of mine to participate and do some good in the World. Help to touch its soul and open its heart. Second, from the recent birth of the blog in order to talk about the Way as I see it. And the wish to share and make Santiago in Love known to many many many people!

Of course, the best way to make a blog about the Camino known is to advertise it directly on the Way. However, this idea made me feel really uneasy. As far as I’m concerned, using Saint James’ Way for personal profit corresponds to the opposite of what the Way actually is. I’ve met people who did that in such an heavy manner it was completely sickening… It’s really the very opposite of what Santiago in Love and its message are!

Then, how to make the blog known, with heart and without betraying its spirit? This question was unanswered for a long time, until the operation “Wisdom on the Way” came to me as a beautiful solution!

What is it and where does it happen?

“Wisdom on the Way” is a bunch of pieces of paper I’ll scatter on the Way during the 2 first weeks of August, between Le Puy and Figeac (France). On the front, a picture and the mention Santiago in Love. For this edition, 2 designs were created by mysel: the blog’s logo and a sea of scallops. On the back, a quote or a sentence, with the blog’s address and the name of the operation. Some are the size of a calling card, other the size of a postcard.

 Wisdom on the Way - Design 1 Logo Wisdom on the Way - design 2 scallpos

“Wisdom on the Way”, what is it or, and for whom?

Wisdom on the Way - cardsWell, it will help to make Santiago in Love known, but it’s firstly and mostly to share beautiful thoughts ans participate to the opening of conscience that happen on the Way. With love and joy, sincerity and no pretense! Saint James is a real spiritual hot-spot. It attracts people ready to experience an opening of the heat and reliance (or at least, ready to be confronted to this reality). It’s a place where the heart and the spiritual dimension are strongly present in the everyday life and everyone’s attitude. The Camino’s level of attendance is the reflect of our society’s search for these new values. From the “worst” epicurean tourist to the “purest” pilgrim, everyone is concerned by the Way’s alchemy.

“Wisdom on the Way”, is for everyone who’s on the Camino and it’s a way to do my part to the conscience’s opening process taking place on the Ways. Nourish the eyes with a beautiful card and nourish the soul with inspiring thoughts. Sow seeds of wisdom that can make the heart thrive! Bring a little gentleness, conscience and love in our World that can really use some!

How does it work?

  1. I sow the “Wisdom on the Way”. On the Le Puy route (France), between Le Puy and Figeac, during the 2 first week of August 2016.
  2. You collect them. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever are your reasons and motivations!
  3. a) You keep your “Wisdom” or b) you circulate it. You offer it on the Way or when you’re back home.
  4. You become the keeper of a “Wisdom”. It’s now up to you to make it mature peacefully or to make it thrive immediatly!
  5. If you wish, I invite you to contact me to tell me about your Way and your encounter with your “Wisdom” (and what happened next!). I’m very interested about your experience of the Camino and your feedback on the operation “Wisdom on the Way”!

6. For this first edition and to the first 10 people who will contact me as part of the operation “Wisdom on the Way” (depending of the standards below), I offer an hand-made illustration of my own of this style (format 8.26×11.69):

 Example of illustration  Example of illustration Example of illustrationIllustration by Marion

Clarification: this is not a contest, but a sincere wish to sharing!

  1. To be among the 10 luck participants, thanks to contact me throught the contact page or directly at this adress: contactmarion@santiagoinlove.com
  2. Thanks also to put some content in your email!
    1. A word about you and your Camino (even some sentences or paragraphs, don’t be cheap!) 😀
    2. A picture of you on the Way 😉
    3. A picture or a copy of your “Wisdom”, one where the text is readable 🙂
  3. I’ll get in touch with these 10 people to talk about the details of their illustration. I’ll also get in touch with the others to thank them for their participation to the operation and to send them a kind word!


And then?

After this first edition, I wish for the “Wisdom on the Way” to keep scattering and thriving in people’s heart! I’ll keep up with Santiago in Love after I return from my holidays. I’ll do my best to write and share about the Camino’s beauty. And then, with no doubts, I’ll make a second edition of the “Wisdom on the Way” happen! I’ll tell you when and where, pinky-swear!

In the meantime, Ultreïa and Buen Camino!


2 thoughts on “Operation “Wisdom on the Way”, first edition”

  1. Hi Marion,
    I was just wondering if you are associated with Simon, an Australian man running a donation shelter just near Montain ? He had told me he was starting a blog, I thought he might be working with you ?? If you could pass on to me any details I would be grateful. Many thanks Eric. 😊👣

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