Prayer to Santiago for the end of the pandemic


Beyond beliefs, I invite you to a moment of prayer for better days with the Archbishop of Santiago.

As pilgrims of Santiago and beyond our beliefs, Saint James is our companion. We walk towards him, with or without Catholic or even Christian faith. His Call transcends religions and speaks directly to our souls and hearts.

The Covid pandemic shakes our lives and spreads pain, sorrow, fear and anger. Pilgrims and the whole Jacobean community are no exception! In these difficult times, the Archbishop of Santiago Mgr Julian Barrio shares with us a prayer for the end of the pandemic.

Prayer for the end of the pandemic - Mgr Barrio - Cathedral de Santiago
Cathedral of Santiago

Prayer for the end of the pandemic

Holy Apostle St. James,
to whom Christ, “Way, Truth and Life”,
showed his predilection.
You were present with Peter and John
at the great events of His life,
and you witnessed the healing of many sick people,
that He accomplished.
In you he found the willingness to “drink his cup”,
you who became the first martyr of the Apostles.
As Saint Patron of Spain, we ask for your support
for those affected by the coronavirus;
strength and knowledge for the health personnel;
light and wisdom for those who make decisions
and a generous proximity to those
who are offering their help.
We place this whole situation in the maternal hands
of Our Lady of Good Health.
And you, as a friend of the Lord, accompany the deceased to the Portico of Glory
and intercede for us before Him
so we may be delivered from this pandemic.

Mgr Julian Barrio
Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela

Beyond each person’s individual beliefs, I invite you to this moment of prayer. Not all pilgrims on the Camino have a Catholic or Christian faith… some are even allergic to it! Change this prayer proposed by Mgr Barrio, invent your own… It doesn’t matter!

Prayer is an outburst of the heart” ~ Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

We all have a heart, so let’s join them for a moment. Let us address Saint James as we do on the Camino to give us courage. Let us address him as a bridge between us and what is beyond us.

I wish you good health and hope you will be able to be on the Camino soon!
Take care of yourself!


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