Inner Camino

Sitting down, another way to go on a pilgrimage

Sitting down to do a pilgrimage, what a weird idea… Well, not so much in truth: mindful sitting and pilgrimage have been twin practices for a long time and for many spiritual traditions!
Pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago know pretty well of the latter, but it’s quite hard to go as often as one would like…
Mindful sitting can become a complementary practice that can help pilgrims to go higher, further… without actually moving an inch.
In this post, let’s talk pilgrimage, mindful sitting and inner journey!

false true pilgrim

True pilgrim… or false pilgrim?

What a question worth stopping to think about it! Let’s be honest, there are differences between a true pilgrim and a false pilgrim. So, in order for everyone to recognize them, here is a truthful portrait of the peregrinus veritabilis*,  whom deserve our endless reverence and respect!