Wisdom on the Way


Welcome to operation “Wisdom on the Way”!

Wisdom on the Way



Err… what is it?

The main goal of the Operation “Wisdom on the Way”is to bring some gentleness, beauty and conscience in your life. Just that, simply, with love, joy and sincerity .No pretense or flourish.

The operation uses bits of paper looking like calling cards or postcards. To stuff into a wallet or a purse, to glue in a photo album, to hang on the fridge or to give to a relative. On the front, a beautiful picture and the mention Santiago in Love. On the back, a inspiring thought to make hearts thrive! The cards look like this:

Wisdom on the Way: some cards


How does it work?

I sow the “Wisdom on the Way”. Between Le Puy and Figeac (France), starting in August 2016.

You collect them.

a) You keep your “Wisdom” or b) you circulate it.

You become the keeper of a “Wisdom”.

If you wish, I invite you to contact me to tell me about your Way and your encounter with your “Wisdom”

Clarification: this is not a contest, but a sincere wish to sharing!



For this very first edition and to the first 10 people who will contact me as a part of the operation “Wisdom on the Way”…

… I offer an hand-made (by myself) illustration!

Style of the proposed illustration Style of the proposed illustration: detail

(depending on some requirements)

For more details on the 2016 first edition: rendez-vous on this article

(especially, if you’re fast enough, what are the requirements to get an illustration 😉 )