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True pilgrim… or false pilgrim?

false true pilgrim

What a question worth stopping to think about it! Let’s be honest, there are differences between a true pilgrim and a false pilgrim. So, in order for everyone to recognize them, here is a truthful portrait of the peregrinus veritabilis*,  whom deserve our endless reverence and respect!


Saint James: biography 1.0 according to the Bible

learn about Saint James biography

 We’re bound to talk a lot about him. He is the star of the Camino! Jacques, Santiago, James, Jakobus and other Giacomo, his name is translated in the many languages that can be heard on the ways…

Although,who is saint James of Compostela? Pilgrim who walks on his Way… can you answer this question? Do you know who truly was the man who gave his name to the Way of the stars? Well, here and now, the necessary answers to this fundamental question!


Welcome on Santiago in Love!


Ultreïa, here we are! Here is the first post on Santiago in Love! Tell about Santiago as it lives in my heart and share it on this blog… I had this idea not so long ago, but it seemed right and good. So, why not give it a try?

To celebrate and introduce myself, my Ways and the blog, I thought a little self-interview would be just right… So let’s go!