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Le Puy route to Aubrac, 2016: part 2

In this post, the rest of my adventures on the Le Puy route! This 2nd part tells you all about my Way from Le Villeret d’Apcher to Aubrac… as well as how I kept the Spirit of the Way with me after it was all over!



Le Puy route to Aubrac, 2016: part 1

Here I am, back from my journey on the Le Puy route in France! My vacations and the blog’s are over: there are already a million of things to do… Every single of these things is very interesting, but why not extend the Way a little more?

I was supposed to walk from Le Puy to Figeac, but my journey actually stopped in Aubrac. And this was not the only surprise of this year’s Way! Here is the first part of my mini-Camino on the Le Puy route!


Operation “Wisdom on the Way”, first edition

Right now, I walk between Le Puy and Figeac. For the blog, the occasion to summer. For me, the occasion to get some air and clear my head thanks to the best holidays ever: on the Camino! Also the occasion to launch the operation “Wisdom on the Way” for the first time. With quite some improvisation and DIY, but mostly with a lot of heart and a strong wish for reliance.

Where does it come from, where does it happen, what, why, how… everything is told in this article!


Santiago in Love, summer break 2016!

The sun shines, birds sing and the road is calling me! Summer is here alright, it’s time for a summer break 2016! My to-do list will never be done, I’m just going to toss it out and get some air. My bag is (almost) ready, my shoes and my stick already wait for my by the door… I’m hitting the road and I leave Santiago in Love to summer. You know, like hibernation, but during summer!

I’m slowing down, but the blog doesn’t completely stop… Details here and now!


To walk alone: 5 fears about it and how to get over them

To walk alone. Just hearing this is frightening… No need to try and deny it, I can see you shivering and sweating bullets on your keyboard! One can always find a whole lot of good reasons no to walk alone. Yet, solitary travel is an incredibly rich experience. As for myself, I looooove to walk alone! Luckily enough for me, because I started each Way of mine started solo!

Walk alone, something absolutely worth trying. Even for a few kilometers only (or a few hours, for the bravest ones!). And to convince you to give it a try, here’s a list of 5 fears that keep you in a pack, followed by 5 reasons to get over it and leave your mates!


5 +1 simple tips to relieve your feet

Feet really are a walking pilgrim’s greatest friends. No need to go for a million miles to get it! Quickly, I adopted simple and efficient rituals to spoil them every days.

Because for one, better safe than sorry: why wait for trouble when they can be avoided? Then, because they’re really worth it: I love my feet and love my back!


Santiago of Santa Marta de Tera

I discovered this statue in Santa Marta on my 2011 pilgrimage on the Camino Sanabrés (Spain): I liked it at once! Only once back home did I realize it was a pretty famous statue…

And for good reason!