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Ending of the Jubilee of Mercy on the Camino

Closure of the Jubilee of Mercy

On December, 8th 2015, Pope Francis opened the Jubilee of Mercy. Since this date, Catholic around the World have lived a very special year! This week, the time has finally come to close the event… As in the rest of the world, celebrations are taking place along the Camino. Meetings are organized, Masses are celebrated, Holy Doors are sealed.

Focus on an exceptional event for Catholics… and the Camino de Santiago!


Experience of the Camino in 8 words

experience of the Camino

The Way is an Adventure, with a capital A. It’s a long distance journey enhanced by a spiritual dimension. An outer but mostly inner pilgrimage! Here are 8 words to share the experience of the Camino.


Winter closure of the Camino to Roncesvalles

Winter closure Camino sjpdp

Fall is settling in, winter slowly comes into view. Walking off season is a beautiful experience, that still required some caution… especially when in the mountains. Getting lost and/or have a serious accident comes way faster when there is fog or snow! To limit damages, the Spanish stretch of the Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port/Roncesvalles stage knows a winter closure from November 1st to March 31st.

Practical explanations now!


Simple living, essence of the Way

Simple living Camino

Among all that made the success of the Camino, a rising value of our society: going back to simplicity and the essential. Austerity is somehow sad. On the contrary, simple living is a tendency that is experienced with joy and awareness.

One may or may not be conscious of it, but going on the Camino means to commit oneself to a journey at the heart of simple living.


Casa de los Dioses: David leaves and explains

It’s been a while now that the beans were spilled on the Camino and the news discussed among pilgrims. David, famous people of the Way, is leaving. 7 years after its creation on the Camino Frances a little bit before Astorga, he leaves the Casa de los Dioses where he welcomed pilgrims.

David explains his decision to leave the Casa to “Camino de Santiago Radio”… in Spanish. In this post, here’s his interview’s translation in English!


Ultreia : meaning of a pilgrim’s cry

Ultreia! Here is a little word from Santiago’s vocabulary, just as strange as it is famous. Exchanged between pilgrims, printed on papers, carved into wood or rocks, you can see/hear it pretty much everywhere along the Ways.

Let’s discover a medieval saying that managed to stay young! 



King Bird Festival in Le Puy-en-Velay!

This end of the week was the one of the 31st King Bird Festival in Le Puy-en-Velay. Inspired by an ancient tradition that is nearly 500 years old, this festival highlights the Renaissance era in every corner of the city. It’s a huge historical fuss in Le Puy!

Pilgrim, do you know this facet of the first French start to Santiago? Close-up on this “sideways” festival that is at the heart of Le Puy-en-Velay’s life!


The return from Santiago, hidden face of the pilgrimage

Returning from the Camino

Going to Santiago is a wonderful stage of the Camino de Santiago… At once or in bits, for a (very!) long time or a few days, everyone does it his-her way and lives it intensely. But whether the Camino had been whole, fragmented, long or short, everyone is bound to be confronted to another stage of the Camion : the return!

Surprise, surprise! Even if it’s disregarded most of the time, returning to «normal» life is an integral part of any kind of journey… The Way is no different !

Let’s shed some light on this under-estimated side of the Camino!



Your equipment’s essential component


Choosing the right equipment, what a poser… There are so many options, choices, recommendations and things to take into account! A pilgrim who’s used to hike may find it enjoyable, but more often, the task is a true nightmare to those who never (or hardly never) went for a long walk…

Despite all the catalogs and the advice one may find, the most important thing often remains in the shadow. Do you know the crucial element of an ideal pack? Are you aware of the essential component that will help you find the perfect gears?

The (surprising?) answer, right here…



Why the Camino is a Way of Love

The Camino is a Way of Love, I believe it since my first pilgrimage. It’s a feeling that settles and grows stronger every time I’m back on the Ways.

You may say talking like that is a little mushy. But no, not at all! Talking about Love is talking about what makes the World go round… the right way. As far as the Camino is concerned, it means talking precisely about what makes the Way so special.

The Camino, a Way of Love, let’s see it here and now!