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From Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles… now! (February 2017)

Croix Thibaud Camino

In Saint Jean Pied de Port, the number of pilgrims slowly increases. For now, all walk through Valcarlos because the high route is still closed… But you can feel it: pilgrimage season is about to start!

What if, in this post, I’ll take you on a walk to help us wait? Let’s go on the Camino between Saint Jean Pied de Port and Roncesvalles… through Valcarlos and the high route!


Santiago in Love and I are (finally) settled!


In my last post, I told you about moving… Well, it’s done! Santiago in Love and I have moved OUT, and moved IN! We are now settled. Have you decided where, thanks to the clue I left you? (I’ve put it back here)

The answser, right now 😉


Invite Santiago over for Christmas and New Year

Santiago comes over for Christmas and New Year

As Christmas and New Year are approaching, the Camino really seems far away. After the simplicity of the Way, all the holiday’s hustle and bustle fell un-authentic. Maybe you even wish to escape and go back to Santiago… But what if, this year, the Spirit of the Camino was at the heart of the parties?

Why not shake traditions a bit? Here are 5 suggestions to make your holidays more pilgrim-friendly!


Camino-blues: some ideas to cheer you up


When few pilgrims head off to Santiago in winter, most are left to dream about the Camino. Often after one returns, nostalgia invites itself and some grim Camino-blues settles in. A feeling that truly is no fun…

So, what to do when clouds cloak your stars? Here are some ideas to lift your spirit and put a smile back on your face!


5 truly unique Christmas presents for pilgrims

That’s it, December is here and holidays are coming. Shopping madness for Christmas presents with them… Oh stress, oh despair for many people… Maybe it’s even worse for those who have a pilgrim in their family or friend circle. Because after s-he discovered simplicity on the Way, nothing seems to interest him-her. Apart from the Camino of course! Unfortunately, s-he already has full gears. S-he also read books and saw movies about the Way one didn’t even suspect existed.

So, the question remains unanswered… What gift would please a pilgrim? Here are 5 unique propositions to that question, to hit the nail on the head and fill his-her eyes with stars!


Ending of the Jubilee of Mercy on the Camino

Closure of the Jubilee of Mercy

On December, 8th 2015, Pope Francis opened the Jubilee of Mercy. Since this date, Catholic around the World have lived a very special year! This week, the time has finally come to close the event… As in the rest of the world, celebrations are taking place along the Camino. Meetings are organized, Masses are celebrated, Holy Doors are sealed.

Focus on an exceptional event for Catholics… and the Camino de Santiago!


Experience of the Camino in 8 words

experience of the Camino

The Way is an Adventure, with a capital A. It’s a long distance journey enhanced by a spiritual dimension. An outer but mostly inner pilgrimage! Here are 8 words to share the experience of the Camino.


Winter closure of the Camino to Roncesvalles

Winter closure Camino sjpdp

Fall is settling in, winter slowly comes into view. Walking off season is a beautiful experience, that still required some caution… especially when in the mountains. Getting lost and/or have a serious accident comes way faster when there is fog or snow! To limit damages, the Spanish stretch of the Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port/Roncesvalles stage knows a winter closure from November 1st to March 31st.

Practical explanations now!


Simple living, essence of the Way

Simple living Camino

Among all that made the success of the Camino, a rising value of our society: going back to simplicity and the essential. Austerity is somehow sad. On the contrary, simple living is a tendency that is experienced with joy and awareness.

One may or may not be conscious of it, but going on the Camino means to commit oneself to a journey at the heart of simple living.